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Our Story


When Nicole Kuhnert started her business as a wine representative, she never anticipated the success it would ultimately bring her. Nicole’s passion for wine and her commitment to her craft drove her to become a successful wine representative in the region.

“At Damn Fine Brands, I am dedicated to providing my customers with the highest quality wine and exceptional customer experiences,” she promises. With years of experience in the wine industry, Nicole guarantees she will find the perfect bottle for any occasion. “Whether you’re seeking a unique birthday present for a loved one or a fine selection for a dinner party, I have something for everyone,” she says.

“I am proud to offer a range of services for my customers, from private tasting events to wine consulting. I have everything you need to choose the perfect bottle for any celebration. Additionally, I provide wine pairing advice and guidance on the various types of wine available in the market.

“At Damn Fine Brands, I am deeply invested in the love of wine and strive to share my knowledge while providing excellent client satisfaction. Whether you’re a  seasoned connoisseur or a novice looking to learn more about wine, I am here to help. Contact me today to find the perfect wine for your next event.”

What I do...


Wine Sales

I connect you with superb South African wines and have them delivered to your door.


Tastings & Private Tastings

For a private wine tasting on your business premises or home, I have you covered.


Brand Support

I help identify and develop your brand position. Let me share your brand's story.


Brand Activation

Bring brands to life by connecting and interacting with customers on a personal level.


Event Activation

Connect to customers through events, experiences and interactions to forge lasting connections.


Staff Training

Train staff with the necessary skills and knowledge for their current role.


A collection of awesome people whom I am partnered with.

Objeckt Logo

I am proud to announce a partnership with Objekt Magazine, a leading online publication covering the latest in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and culture. Through this strategic collaboration, I'll be able to further the mission of providing exceptional content and services to Damn Fine Brands customers.

Rare Grill Partnership Logo - A Culinary Collaboration

Damn Fine Brands is proud to partner with Rare Grill, a provider of ethically and sustainably sourced meats that are free-range and organic. Together we are committed to delivering the freshest and most delicious food and wine possible, so when you visit Rare Grill, you can be sure that you're getting the best.

I am excited to partner with Culture Wine Bar, a place where wine lovers converge. Our collaboration aims to meld their fine wine selection and welcoming ambiance with my goals. The mutual ethos of 'exploring, discovering, and enjoying' drives this venture, promising a blend of enriching experiences and new explorations ahead .


Get in touch!


Nicole Kuhnert

+(27) 76-925-4898

Alllan Kuhnert

+(27) 83-652-6385

Garden Route Agent

    Check out Damn Fine Brands socials, or say hello at one of the many events I am a part of.

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